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trouble finding surgeon

Started by clde on 10/13/2010 11:47am

I live in Columbus, ohio. I'm trying to find a minimally invasive surgeon. I'm scheduled for PLIF surgery and would like to check out the less invasive surgery. Please help me find a surgeon.
Thank you

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Hi Cide,
I am 53 and female with multiple back disc issues following a rear-end collision in Feb 2010. I too have been on a search. Be careful. Look for neurosurgeons with hospital affiliations, credentials, ect. I am an RN and have been searching several months. Check to see if they have had any lawsuits, disciplinary actions, ect on Healthgrades too. There are no surgeons in my city (Rochester, NY) who do this type of surgery. I now have to get prior authorization to go to another city for the surgery. I am going to see a Dr. Noel Perin in NYC because he can do thoracic discs (very rare place for herniations) endoscopically. You might have to travel outside of your city. I am not willing to do any conventional back surgery; I will live in pain first. I wish you the best.
Homenet (Sherry)


I am sorry to hear you are in pain and have no surgeon you can trust or use.. My insurance gave me the authorization to use an out of state neurosurgeon.. I looked around and researched different practices.. I chose CarolinaNeuroSurgey in Charlotte, NC.. They do all the neuro and orthapedics for the Carolina Panthers and have a great staff. They are the most advanced group of docs & the equipment and hospitals they use are top notch.. They are 1 of the few that have the upright and open MRI machine which detects things sitting, standing and lying down as where a standard MRI does not.. My MRI that was standard showed some issues but when the upright open one was done it put the nail on the head as to why my pain was like it was and matched my symptoms.. I am going to have a PLIF also which will be done endoscopic with 1 inch incisions on both sides and screws and rods will be done inside the small incisions.. My father had them do his and he was at full speed in a few weeks, and actually up and walking that day in the hospital and left the following day.. Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Samuel Chewing performed the surgery.. I know it may be a long drive but they are a awesome group of docs.. Look them up atwww.carolinaneurosurgery.com By the way I am in no way affiliated with this group of doctors I just highly reccomend them through my visits and my dads surgery sucess. Dr Smith also done 2 fusions on my ex-wife 1st was PLIF and then ALIF the old way with the large incisions and cages.. After the 360 fusion she was back to work in 10 months with no problems since 2003.. Shes a school teacher but all in all the surgery was a complete sucess with no new disc issues


I looked for answers for years.Every doctor I seen told me I wasnt a candidate for surgery they kept me drugged and then made me feel like a pill head.Out of frustration I pulled out the yellow pages.I found Ortho Neuro a multi specialty center.and Dr.Greg Mavian and Larry Todd. It was the best call Ive ever made.There located on Olentangy River rd. in Columbus,Ohio 614-890-6555.They are very proffessional and they treated me very well.My limited ins. wasnt a problem either.Good luck to you! P.S Make sure you have a good pain management Dr before you contact because they are not pill pushers.They very closely watch that aspect of their treatment