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Strange Neck Trouble

Started by Suzu on 10/09/2010 8:20pm

For many years, I've had a very occasional thing happen to my neck, where when I turn slightly to the left, and feel an extremely painful sensation, like a strong electric shock, in the right side of the neck. What kind of sensation? Imagine that a taut neck muscle is a cello string that suddenly just breaks when struck with a bow.

The pain seems to originate about halfway up the neck, and it radiates both up into the head and down to the mid-back. It's so sudden and sharp that I involuntarily cry out. Thankfully it only lasts for a few seconds, then subsides. Except one time about a week ago the right side of my neck swelled up after a particularly painful twang.

Now, this experience has been increasing in frequency. As of a month or so ago, it moved to once or twice a week - up from a few times a year - so I paid a visit to my chiropractor and got straightened out. That was about two weeks ago, and I was OK for a while, but then it started happening almost daily, and then a few nights ago it happened about 15x in a row over about a 40-minute period (it's NEVER happened more than twice in a single day before), at which time I finally decided not to turn my head AT ALL and to try and get something done about it in the morning.

Almost miraculously, I was able to get in to see a local masseuse that afternoon (she's usually booked weeks in advance) due to a sudden change of her schedule. This lady is also an R.N., she's really good with neck stuff, and she did a wonderful job on mine - so good in fact that when she finished, I expected to have no further trouble with my neck for a while. I had wanted to visit a chiropractor that day as well, but unfortunately he's out until next week.

As I was leaving the massage office there was another TWANG but I thought, oh well, maybe it's just a few final kinks working themselves out as a result of the neck rub. But it happened again, and there's been several more incidents in the last few days.

I'm not doing anything unusual that might be bringing it on, nor has my neck been injured lately (it was injured about 13 years ago in a fall, but healed up), nor has there been any change in my sleeping position, pillow use, exercise, overall stress level, diet, medications, etc. X-rays taken last spring showed no bone spurs but I do have degenerated discs in the neck.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this weird phenomenon? Has this ever happened to you or to anyone you know, and if so, what kind of treatment (if any) resolved it? Could I be in immediate danger?

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Very great post. I especially found it useful where you talk about all you have done. I have get massage therapy and it helps but not to 100%. It looks like I have to try different methods to get rid of the pain.