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Anterior Cervical triple Fusion with instrumentation & left iliac crest bone graft

Started by 4lilmonkeys on 10/04/2010 2:24pm

I had a cervial triple fusion using my own bone on Sept 21, 2010. I Was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I am a 52 female with 4 teenagers. My recovery is going very well. I was readmitted to the hosp. shortly after for Dysphasia. I was not able to swollow even my own saliva. That was very frightening. After an injection of steroids I am now on my way to a very normal recovery. I still have left shoulder pain and also down the left shoulder blade. I do have muscle spasms in my neck which my Dr. tells me are quite normal. I also am using a bone stumulator 30 mins a day. I never would have done this had I not had the best Dr. in town along with his staff. They made this whole decision very easy. I was too young to be in the kind of pain I was in with all my active children. Day by day it seems to be getting better unless I overdo things. My stitches were already removed and now just need to rest and heel. My Dr. said I may be able to drive this week, however I cannot agree to that just yet. I do take my soft collar off during the day as it seems to restrict my movement. I do sleep with it on. So if anyone is considering this surgery, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Best of luck to all of you. Pain is something we shouldn't have to live with on a daily basis. Peace and prayers to all of you!

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WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? SURGERY C3 THROUGH C7?? SEEMS LIKE RECOVERY IS TAKING FOREVER!!!! ANY INPUT FOR ME? I am 55, had surgery 9-7-10. C3-C7, discs replaced with bone from bone bank, titanium plate with screws. I am wearing the Aspen coler 24/7 (except bathing). I will find out 11/1/10 if healing well and can lose the collar!
Surgeon reviewed my xrays post op now 8 weeks. Healing in process. Now wearing a much more comfortable, soft collar.
I am having pain in my L2-L4 areas: bulging disc; degenerative bone loss, etc. and other arthritic areas especially hands and fingers. But the docter said to still avoid nsaids (that I took daily for a year prior to the cervical surgery) He suggested natural anti-inflamatory meds until the C spine surgery more time to heal.
Sound familiar to any one out there? I am getting so depressed and tired of staying at home most of the time!
Any advice? This has all been a lot more involved and a lot longer time than I expected. It has been 8 weeks post surgery and I am so weak! I was very active and athletic prior to all this.


HELP WITH TERMINOLOGY--HAD CERVICAL SURGERY ON 09/07/10 I am new to this and it looks like I might get a resonse if I 'label' my discussion.



hi sf25

i found this info. i really dont know much about it except that the presence of it seems to be associated with arthritis.

"Ankylosing spondylitis (AS), reactive arthritis (ReA) and other related spondyloarthropathies (SpAs) are characterized by a strong association with the major histocompatibility complex allele HLA-B27. Experimental evidence from humans and transgenic rodents suggests that HLA-B27 is itself involved in the pathogenesis of SpA. Population and peptide-specificity analysis of HLA-B27 suggest it has a pathogenic function related to antigen presentation. Putative roles for infectious agents have been proposed in ReA and suggested in AS. However, the mechanism by which HLA-B27 and bacteria interact to induce arthritis is not clear. Molecular mimicry between bacterial epitopes that cross-react with self-B27 peptides is the most persuasive explanation for the pathogenesis of SpA. The experimental studies reviewed here have greatly increased our knowledge of the structure, function and disease association of HLA-B27."