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Chronic Vertigo Following Neck Surgery

Started by Basil on 08/02/2010 1:24pm

I've had chronic vertigo ever since I had neck surgery 15 months ago. The C3-4 and C 5-6 levels were fused. Three days after surgery, I felt like I was on a rocky cruise ship. I've never had balance problems before so this was a strange sensation. I've been to ENT's, neurologists, a neuroopthal mologist and have had several months of vestibular rehabilitation. Brain MRI, VNG, and EMG's were all normal. The most recent neck MRI showed arthritis above and below the fusion, but otherwise okay.

I've been having physical therapy for 6 weeks now to help with the arm and neck pain that I still have with the hope that if the vertigo is coming from my neck that the treatment would help. So far it hasn't.

Any ideas what might be causing or would help treat the vertigo? No one seems to have heard of this as a complication from neck surgery. Thanks.

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