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Inversion tables

Started by rosem on 07/22/2010 11:04pm

I have been suffering from a strong leg pain due to stenosis. For 45 days I could not walk or stand for more than five minutes. The inversion table has helped me to improve 45 percent. I do it for two minutes twice a day. Has anyone else tried them? I would like to hear experiences with the table.
A friend recommended it to me since she suffers from back pain and she has improved.

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Dear rosem,
I used to use an inversion table until my condition got to the point to where I wasn't able to use it any longer because when I did it actually hurt my back more than it helped it. But, for about 2 plus years I used it 1 to 2 times a day maybe 4-5 days a week and I had great results when utilizing the table. Then something changed one day and it began to hurt when I used the table. I never did figure out what changed to make it to where it got to hurt when using the table. But, as far as I'm concerned the inversion table did me a lot of good when I was able to use it. I myself would still be using the table if it didn't hurt when using it. I suggest that if your doctor okays you using the table for you to continue on with it as long as you benefit from it.
Well rosem, good luck with your situation and keep the faith and hopefully your condition will improve greatly sooner than later !!!


I came back after a long time.. I am free of pain since last August... I have been doing my table for 3 minutes everyday, I went to 10 sessions of physical therapy that most of the excersises consisted in streching and the doctor , the neurosurgeon, ( I went to 2 different PCPs, to an ortho, to a quiropractor and a neurosurgeon) well, the neurosurgeon gave me a prescription for seizures. I have never had one! so I was scared. He told me they are working on the nerves system...I found out in the internet that , yes they are working on the nerve system ... Ask your doctor what he knows about this... Read this... http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17450066
well to tell you the truth, with my table, my pills and streching exercises I have been pain free... I was in deep pain for two months.I could not walk for more than 3 minutes, I could not even go to the supermarket...
I wish many of you could get better, I know what it is, I cried so much for two months! I almost got the epidurals from the ortho, until my neurosurgeon saved me... but now, I still join all of you and pray for you to feel better soon...