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New to all of this!

Started by obnurse92 on 07/19/2010 10:23am

Hello everyone! I am a 54 yr. old who has been a nurse for 33 years and hiked those concrete halls for 8-12 hours for most of those. Now I find myself suddenly on FMLA for back problems interfering with my ability to work, actually to get out much and walk at all. I have had an MRI showing bulginging disc at L4, spinal stenosis, and osteoarthritis. My family doc and I started out with diet, exercise and Motrin. I was doing well, had lost 8 lbs, loved my workout!!! About a week ago, I was out with friends at a water park, being very careful what I did-and ended up in severe back pain, difficutly going from standing to sitting position! I was about 4 hours from home, and driving alone. I managed to get in the car, and did well until about 1 hour from home when I had to get out to get gas and use the restroom. Needless to say,when I tried to get back in the car, it took me about 5 minutes to grin and bear the pain and just do it. By the time I drove the rest of the way home, I could not get out of my car. Could not stand on my right leg or sit because the pain was so severe. My husband called the rescue sqaud and I went to the hospital for 2 days. Now the pain is there anytime I get up to walk, or do anything at all. This was a scarry experience, and now I am afraid to go anywhere alone. So now on modified rest, no exercise, until I see the back doctor on Wed. 7/21. I am taking steroids which are makeing me nuts and ruining my diet!!
This is a great site, I have found some wonderful information and explainations for why I feel like I do. Appreciate any support or advice anyone has to offer. I want to do whatever is going to get me back on my feet, and able to work as soon as possible-feeding too many creditors to be off forever! Especially the payment for my Mustang that I have waited until this age to be able to afford!!!!!!!!!
Good luck to everyone, and once a gain would appreciate all/any advice.

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Hi Kathy,

Steroids - make sure you are on low sodium diet (I was told to keep it below 2000mg /day).

Mustang - We all love one, it's a bit way too low to sit into and get out. Watch that.

Rest (lie down) -> Walk -> Rest..keep the cycle on, don't overdo!. Avoid sitting as much as possible, take some time off work.

If it doesn't get better, see if you can ask your pain doctor for an epidural steroid injection/nerve block. A week after that you should try PT.

Keep us posted.


Hi Kathy: I have been siiting for about a month crying with the intense pain I had in my leg when walking or standing, especially in the mornings. I went to quiropractors, acupunture, my pcp who prescribed some pills, the to an orthopedic, who recommended me pedural injections, then I went to a neurosurgeon who told me to try a treatment with steroids pills and other ones (used for seizures but research has found out that are good for the pain of the nerves) and using an inversion table twice a day for two minutes each day... and this one was successful... The day I went to this doctor I had improved my pain a lot. I had been doing therapy with an inversion table by myself. Nobody believes it but the doctor told me that if I had been improving in a week and a half, it should have been the inversion table. (I w snot taken steroids at that time nor pills either)Today it was the first day after amonth and a half that when I walked up I could walk, go to the bathroom and to the pool and my pain was 0%. Perhaps it could help.


Hi obnurse29
I have had familial degenerative spinal arthritis for 25 years or more (currently 55) which resulted in chronic low back pain, so I am certainly familiar with what you are liveing through.

About 12 years ago I was prescribed traction for the pain. The traction gave relief and the benefits were gone about 2 hours after the treatment but the experience was the impetus for me to innovate a device that offers "ambulatory spinal unloading" and all the benefits that go along with that; mobility, flexibility, a quick return to normalcy etc.

I am responding to your post, as I have responded to others, for two reasons; 1) I had chronic low back pain for so long and so empathize with low back pain sufferers and as such would like to feel that I was able to help them and 2) in order for me to be able to offer that help our company has to be healthy, so I do this is for your benefit as well as mine.