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require info re results of surgery for spinal stenosis and disc herniation with hypertrophic degenerative changes

Started by dobbles on 06/26/2010 1:14pm

I have been diagnosed with the above and am devastated. Have tried all the alternative therapies plus injections and facet rhizotomies ..with no help. I exercise daily, am a runner ( have had to cut down to 6km per day) do yoga, eat healthy, live healthy and my sports and exercise are the centre of my life and friendships.. am terrified of surgery.. seems so bleek cause it appears that degeneration simply continues and results of back surgery are short term...does anyone have any suggestions / advice / info that coulod assist?

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I am speaking to you as an athlete and a patient rather than as an expert. I am a psychotherapist who has some medical background. I can only speak for myself and share my personal experiences with you -Remember that each and every one of us is different and numerous factors enter into the sucess and efficacy of the treatment you recieve. No two of us are alike.

I had 20 good years before my conditon changed and decompression surgery was absolutely necessary. I have no doubt that my conditoning flexibnility work and strength contributed to an outstanding outcome, Use good form when you run and lift. I found that strong abdominal muscles kept my back alligned. and in place. For me the procedure yeilded results that were nothing short of miraculous even though recovery took a bt of time..

Appreciate the things you can do and enjoy them. Use good form when you work out and things will be fine. You cannot win a battle with time but you can most definitley hold your own. I have no doubt that your continuing attention to fitness will serve you well and make a big difference in the quality of your life now and later. None of us can stop time but we can make the most of what we have.

There is a story about a gentlemen named Dorian Gray who diverted degenerative change in his appearance to an oil protrait he kept in a celler- things did not turn out well for him -Good luck