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Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease

Started by mohattanitu on 06/08/2010 5:08am

After long 12 years of pain in my head, yesterday I was finally diagonsed with early cervical degenerative disc disease. I am 28 years old and not married yet, as the degenerative disease happens at old age. I am wondering that, what made this problem come to me?
Can someone help me with the perfect cure, I dont want to go with surgery, what will help me to come over this?
Will there is a problem if I get married?
Is surgery the last resort to this?
I did went to all the readings in this site, read about non surgical treatments, but not satisfied with all my questions. Please suggest.

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I have been diagnosed with the DDD with stenosis. They say exercise is the best medicine, so staying active with light stretching is helpful. I did physical therapy for awhile but do TENS and traction at night to ease the pain, along with muscle relaxers and motrin when it really flares up. I am having swellng issues and still looking into the best options to address it but all and all DDD is a normal process as we age, some get it sooner and more severe than others but there is no cure only remedies to easy your pain. Teaming up with your doctor to see what works for you is key, good luck and keep us posted!