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Lower back, hip and leg pain Could the answer be integrative Neurology?

Started by gkukurin on 04/21/2010 11:17pm

Integrative neurology combines the knowledge of medical neurology, the study of the brain and nerves, with complimentary techniques like acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal therapies

Pain or numbness in the feet, legs, hip and back is common and there are a number of reasons for it

These symptoms can be caused by spinal stenosis, sciatica, neuropathy or even muscle spasms

Despite enormous amounts of money being spent to try to determine which treatments are the most effective for these common conditions, no single treatment has emerged as the best choice.

What the researchers did find however, is that different patients respond to different combinations of treatments.

Except in the case of a vascular problem in the legs, most lower extremity pain and numbness is a result of nerve irritation

Because stenosis, sciatica and neuropathy involve the nerves of the lower extremities, Integrative Neurology is an ideal method of treatment
Neuropathy, stenosis, sciatica slipped discs and nerve entrapments often can produce symptoms that are identical, but the reason for those symptoms, and effective treatment of these various conditions is a as different as night and day.

Determining where and why the nerves are injured is the most important step to long lasting relief

Likewise, both tarsal tunnel syndrome and neuropathy can involve the nerves of the feet and ankles, but one is a a traumatized nerve, the other can be caused by nerve toxicity.

Doctors educated in neurology are specifically trained to diagnose these types of problems. Only then can effective treatment be instituted. The take home point I am trying to make to you is that there are many different conditions that produce very similar symptoms, to find relief the number one step is ALWAYS to determine exactly where and why the nerves are being irritated.

The Integrative Neurologist combines these diagnostic skills with a number of effective treatment options. For example piriformis syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome require a decompression-type therapy. Adding acupuncture can often help damaged nerves to while suppressing pain. Supplementing the diet with specific nutrients may also enhance nerve repair. A specific follow-up exercise program based on a patient's MRI results offers the best chance for long lasting improvements the best way to determine helpful from harmful activity. Integrative Neurology is about offering many different treatment approaches to neurological conditions. A combined, individually created, Integrative Neurology treatment program is the best way to quickly find and fix the cause of pain or numbness in the back and lower extremities.

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