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Lateral Disc Protrusion at L3-L4 Sciatica pain

Started by wdwfan43 on 02/06/2010 2:39am

I have been having shooting pains down my left leg since 8/09. In addition I've had numbnesss in my thigh and shin area on the left side. My reflexes are non-exsistent in my left foot and my left knee. My primary care doctor had me in PT until 12/09. In 11/09 I started having sporadic incidents of urinary incontinence (a small amount of leakage when moving or shifting my body).It is hard to walk with the pain. Sitting and standing are difficult I find I have to constantly shift positions. I went back to my primary care doctor who ordered an MRI 1/10 which showed a far Lateral Disc Protrusion at the lateral aspect of the foramen on the left at L3-L4 with deviation of the left L3 nerve root laterally. My primary care doctor has sent me to a neurosurgeon.

Since last August I also started having abdominal pain in the mid to lower right quadrant. It is like someone is stabbing me in my stomach a very sharp pain. I saw my GI doctor today thinking it was a GI issue (I have had many abdominal surgeries). He had read my chart and saw my MRI from 1/10 that was done that showed the disc protrusion. He is going to do a diagnostic work up to rule out any GI issues but feels that this stabbing pain I get (which is positional and comes intermittenly) is due to my disc protrusion. He called it gut back syndrome. He said it had to do with the irritated nerve at L3 and it was referring pain to the nerves and muscles in my abdomen. Has anyone heard of this?

Also I'm 1 year 5 months post ACDF with plating at the C6-C7 level. After the surgery even though the crushing pain in my left arm was gone I still experienced nerve pains. Zings down my arm and in my neck. If I turn my arm a certain way or my head I get the painful zings. I now go to pain managment as they have determined I have failed laminectomy syndrome. Pain managment helped pretty well at first but now the painful zings in my arm and neck are getting worse. Also I never regained full sensation in my hands or fingers (feels like I have on rubber gloves when I touch things) and I didn't regain full strength in my left arm. Anyone else have this experience? If so I'd be interested in knowing how you cope.

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Hi there...

I have had this ongoing problem sinse i had a car accident back in Dec 2009. I have had treatment for my lumbar thru physio. and it was all good till i started a gym program till i had some issues. March 2010 I started having pain in my RUQ, went for Xray, U/S (internal aswell) Endoscopy/Colonoscopy, CT with die and MRI and seen a general surgeon.

MRI showed Osteoarthritis in my neck. Wierd cause i dont have pain there, however the pain radiates in my shoulder blade and where it hurts on my backis where it hurts at the front of my abdomin. I looked on my report after requesting it as i wasnt satified, It say i have a small focla posterior disc protrusion..
Im sure its no a GI problem. Its constantly there and painful and annoying as i cant get rid of it. Day or night. I have taking up drinking as the pain seems to fade!!! :P

I had sciatica in my leg for about 4 months but that has ceased. It was uncomfortable more at night time.

My abdomin feels like there is a ball or something there.... Grrrrrrr

You had any lucky??


Hello WDW43 fan, YOu got it, and I do to , Gut back pain, mine has been for about 6,mos. to a year now and has worsened with the severity of pain across my L-5 Region, it comes and goes but mostly when I arise in the morning and have to either number one or two, usually until I sit on the Bown it is almost impossible to deal with but after it releaves the internal pressure, thus lowering the amount of pain, until tomorrow am, Hope this has been of assistance to you, God Bless and good luck, Do see the Neurosergeon, such as myself I have a mri coming next fri, and am going for the fusion or what ever to get rid of this, I cannot take it anymore, Frankjg