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what to do next!

Started by tracyp256 on 01/24/2010 10:30pm

i've been going through this since march of 09. started off with loss of sensation in left leg.moving up to top of waist and into now both legs and feet up to top of waist.. with a feeling of tight hoses on my legs and feet.no pain just some cramping occasionaly in legs. have herniated l5 disc since this all started. ( with lots of pain)have been to 2 chiros 2 neurologists 1 neurosurgeon. have had mris xrays ct scans. every kind of blood test that could be thought of. And nerve conduction study as well and accupunture. I've been told nerve compression spinal stensois at t10 , dengerative disc disease and last appt with neurosurgeon said arthritis. this never goes away its there 24/7. But neurosurgeon didn't advice me on anything that might make it go away. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated and would like to hear from anybody who has gone/going through any of this.Thanks in advance for your reply

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I would get an opinion from another surgeon. It sounds to me like you would be a candidate for surgery for the stenosis. I understand that surgery is a last option, but once you are living 24/7 with pain and numbness and I would at least talk to several docs about my surgical options. What major city are you near? Finding a good surgeon is as important as anything else.


I had terrible stenosis for over a year and was crippled and paralyzed with pain. I just had a decompressive laminectomy at L3/4 on 12/11 and I am not where I want to be but so much better than before. I still have the pain but less and the mobility is still an issue. I can walk unassisted, been doing that for a few months, but I still have some weakness and vertigo. Have to pay attention all the time.
My left leg was most affected. I have now lost much of the edema, the color is back to normal and I'm starting to feel sensation as what it really is. So I know I am healing even if the pain and mobility end are slower than the rest.
I regret that it took over a year to get into surgery. I'm hoping I don't end up with permanent nerve damage from being crushed for so long.
You may want to discuss surgery with your doctor.

Good luck.