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ACDF surgery c4-c5 Trapezius spams ; c5-c7 mobi c

Started by susan42 1 week 4 days ago

I have had two cervical spine surgeries- the first c5-c7 using mobi c for spinal stenosis and herniated disc. This was a long time coming after 15 years of more insidious cervical radiculopathy becoming worse (I had been hit by a cable car in my early 30s driving to work. My car was like an accordion - but I was resilient and decided not to sue the muni though I was advised otherwise). Fast forward to 50 and maybe it’s degenerative or heavy computer work but it became disabling so I opted for surgery in 2017. I had no improvement and felt worse so saw a 2nd surgeon who said that adequate decompression had not been achieved. I had a c4/c5 ACDF and since then my trapezius spasms and s c m muscle spasm to the point I can’t sleep. I am taking Neurotin for this but going to try a medial branch block bc my pm doctor thinks it’s the facet and the nerves exiting. Candidates for ADR are really selective. Anyone else? Thank you, s

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