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pain pump

Started by susan 49 on 03/20/2021 5:26pm

Has anyone used a pain pump? My pain Dr. has suggested one for me instead of using opioid pills. He said a pain pump uses small constant doses of opioids directly into the spinal canal which is supposed to work better. My spine is totally fused from neck to tailbone because I have scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. I have chronic pain, usually pretty bad. I am 72 years old and was totally fused in 2003.

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How do you do with Oral Opioid Pain Meds? Is your pain controlled?

Approx. 70% of most people eliminate the majority of pain medication through their Urine and Feces so a Pain Pump will use a lot less Medication that via using Oral Pain Meds.

I use 70% less Opioid Pain Medication than Oral Pain Meds when Opioids are administered via IV, (like a pain pump) and with an Opioid amplifier medication and anti- inflammatory medication.

IMHO, A pain pump will work s more effectively than Oral Medications for reason stated above.