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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Neck pain.

Adjacent Segment Disease

Started by 662303697@facebook on 01/23/2020 3:12pm

A little background, I had cervical fusion of C4-C6 6 years ago. It was super successful. My lumbar fusion not so much but never any problems from my neck. The past about 2 years I have had increasing pain down my arms, tired feeling holding my neck up, pins and needles that turns into a constant itch under my right shoulder blade,my elbow has started to lock up, wrist pain, hand pain, all the fun stuff that comes with chronic pain in your cervical area . Also 2 years ago I had a seizure brought on by Tramadol and an antidepressant my Dr had me on. My shoulder dislocated and I had shoulder reconstruction surgery. I was still complaining of pain in my shoulder, but my dr said he felt it was coming from my neck, not my shoulder. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, came off of all medications and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. But my neck pain has slowly gotten worse, with the symptoms listed above happening at least once a day, the burning itching pain is pretty much constant under my right shoulder blade. I have fought for a new MRI for the past 3 months and finally getti g it Saturday followed by an appointment with my pain dr and then a spine dr everything already scheduled. someone mentioned ASD to me and I was wondering if anyone has has experience with it. Most of the stuff I have found is medical studies and with a 7 month old I don't have much time to read them lol. I was wondering if the seizure could have caused extra stress on my fusion and because I had the shoulder injury and was totally concentrating on that surgery and PT that we totally missed the effect of could have had on my cervical fusion. And yes, I will be discussing with my drs, was just wondering if anyone had any experience with any of this because sometimes it helps to know someone else's experiences. I know so much more now about conditions of the neck and back that I didn't when this unfortunate journey of chronic pain started, and being a little educated on what could be wrong makes me feel better walking into the drs office. Instead of being blind sided and not knowing what questions to ask. Which happened with my last neck surgery. I went in for a pre surgical visit for my lumbar, complained of arm pain, dr sent me down for an MRI, went back up to his office, got the results and surgery literally the next afternoon.

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