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After acdf surgery in three sections I'm unable to lift up my right armfree

Started by Valeriepadgett22 on 10/18/2019 3:23am

Has anyone else loss function of the right arm or unable to lift it up after acdf surgery I had major surgery in three sections my whole left arm was feel like it was crushed are being crushed so much pain I couldn't even begin to tell you but after surgery only a little bit I of the numbness was still in my pointing finger at the tip and my feet are still numb but I couldn't even lift my right arm I can manipulate my elbow I can move my wrist but I cannot move my hand up or down lift it anyone else going through this and I'm hoping that it will heal and I will have use of it again

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Wow, thank you Valerie. What kind of symptoms did you have prior to surgery? Tomorrow I’m schedule for a 5-level anterior and then a 7-level posterior. I’m quite scared about this , and hope the symptoms I’ve been having go away or lessen. Do you have any tips or suggestions for things to do postop to help at home . I’ll be inpatient a week but want to get house ready for dc way before then .