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Severe groin and leg pain

Started by Peanuthead77 on 09/09/2019 11:20am

Hi community after a bit of advice here I had a slip at work and got instant pain down my right leg and my back went into spasm. I received a l4/l5 disc discectomy in March 2019 it is now September 2019 at first my whole leg felt like it was getting torn off the pain was unbearable anyway after surgery my back was still in severe pain due to a spasm that lasted 4 months. I was getting groin pain while sitting and severe when standing from sitting I couldn’t stand straight i have a twisted torso still I have done physio this made me worse. Over the past 2 weeks the pain is gradually getting worse when I stand right at the top of my groin into my testicle and down my right thigh into my calf ankle and the left foot has a tapping on the bottom the pain increases 10 fold when standing I can barely poor my foot down by the way I am 41 I have been very active all my life but suffered from sciatica and lower back pain for 20 years but have been able to manage it not now though and my neurosurgeon says groin pain isn’t part of L4/L5 nerve root I also have degenerated disc disease in l4/l5/S1 discs. This has totally changed my life I have never had injections for the pain only gabapentin/ cosine/paracetamol now they have put me on amitripline and I have to reduce the gabapentin as it isn’t working. Ps sorry about the spelling mistakes tablets make me fuzzy oh I am also getting neck pain clicking quite bad when turning my head

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Sounds like to me they need to check out your si joints. I just had both my si joints fused and my pain has dropped a good bit but not all the way due to some other issues that were discovered on a ct scan. Good luck. I know how pain its it will consume your whole life!!