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Hardware removal

Started by Carriem on 08/03/2019 3:30pm

Does anyone on here have any solid info on hardware removal? I had fusion c4-c7 in dec and my life is in the crapper. My marriage is strained because I'm in constant pain and I have spent so much money going to drs. My surgeon swears everything is fine but I assure you it is not.
Thanks, God bless

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Keeping an eye on this thread. I had acdf on c4-6 in May of this year & I still feel like I went to the dentist, from my chin to my scar, only on the side of my incision. It constantly itches & my pain moved from left side to right 4 days after surgery. I'm scheduled for a new MRI in a few weeks to see if I've blown out more discs. More pain now than before surgery.


Having your hardware removed isn't the answer. I had my surgery in December also, I don't know the technical terms for it but I now have 6 screws in my back and rods in 2 discs. I am still in pain but it is different pain, I asked before my surgery if it would take my pain away and my Dr was honest and said everyone is different but the surgery should decrease my pain. He also says it could take up to 2 years to be completely healed.if I didn't do the surgery what could of happened would have been a lot worse., I was out of works 2 months longer than I thought I would be and my job was understanding, I went back and 3 months later I got fired because they didn't have a position for long term restrictions. I get about a quarter of unemployment compared to when I was working and I feel like my whole world is crumbling around me. It has definitely taken a toll on my relationship but I wouldn't not have the surgery if I could do it all over again. I wasn't prepared for his painful it was going to be and how limited I am now but still wouldn't change it. If your loved ones can't be a little more understanding then screw them. Ask him if he would rather be changing your diapers and way Hing you fall because if you didn't get yourself fixed them are just a few of the things you would have to deal with!