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No answers from surgeon

Started by Carriem on 07/30/2019 4:45pm

I had acdf c4-c7 in dec 2018. Since then I have experienced more and more severe pain. Pain so unbearable I almost had a wreck with my granddaughter in the truck with me. My surgeon swears there is nothing wrong with me after ctmylogram. Has anyone else had continued and worsened pain without any real diagnosis?

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Hi Carriem. I had ACDF C5-7 in July 2017 and for the first 3 months felt like there was some improvement, sadly since then I have gone continually backwards and the pain has worsened without my specialist being able to answer why, I now live with pain on a constant daily basis and just try to manage it as best I can. I really hope yours improves over time or at least you are able to get the answers you need.
This site does help in knowing you are not alone


MCKC you are correct in that this site does give a little comfort in knowing we aren't alone. My pain is constant & now my surgeon has referred me to a neurologist. More tests in my future. I feel like a science experiment. Sure wish I had just taken my chances with my neck and refused surgery! Hope you find some comfort. I have found in some research that it is possible to have an infection under the plate hardware that is undetectable and that hardware removal is recommended. Most hardware is actually NOT intended to be left in our bodies indefinitely! That will be my next course of action I think. My throat always feels like it has a lump in it in addition to the pain. It's just not natural and I actually have panic attacks if I allow myself to think about it much. God bless