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Cervical Rfa Procedure

Started by Bd61K08 on 06/18/2019 5:34am

Just yesterday I had cervical RFA on C3/4, C5/6 and C6/7. I’ve had this done on my back before, L4/5, 5/6, S1. Very painful but I get through it with Fentanyl and Cersaid, but very little. The neck was a different experience. It was nothing short of barbaric. I burst into tears more than twice and begged him to stop. At these points he inserted more numbing into the nerve area and finally gave me 1mg Fentanyl and then a repeat of it the second time I begged him to stop. At points I felt as though my neck was going to explode, horrible heat and tics on the opposite side of my face. I could barely feel the thumps pressure etc due to the pain. He’s a kind doctor, and was patient when I cried,( and I can take some pain, have no doubt about this. He even calls me his brave patient) and counted to ten with me when I was still struggling with pain while they did the burning. I have arthritis in my neck, spondylitis, but it never bothered me u til a lady ran up and over the front of my car and drove it 15 feet backwards from being parked in a parking spot. She hit the gas instead of the brakes. She ran up and over the hood of my car and wound up facing me. After that, came horrid pain that nothing relieved. It went up the left side of my head and neck, behind my ear, and then to the back of my eyeball and into the bone surrounding my eye. I went through other options first, nothing worked and I was desperate. I had xrays, but they refused to do an MRI. I came home yesterday, did little, used ice packs, and have followed post procedure directions. I’ve always said that when you’re truly in pain, you’ll do anything to get relief.. not anymore. I’ll cry, fight the depression of hurting constantly, but I will NEVER have this done again. The soreness today isn’t bad, but the experience was enough to make me run. Never again, and I’m afraid I’m out of options. Everyone else seems to say,” it was nothing.” An o completely out of options now? Why was mine so much worse? I feel defeated if this is what my life has become, a series of things like this just to feel somewhat normal. Horribly discouraged.

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