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Post spinal fusion L4/L5

Started by Storm2015je on 03/21/2019 6:19am

Hi ,
Let me start at beginning, I have severe spinal pain for years
With being an very active athlete and I went to a trauma surgeon
Where he told me I have a compression fracture of both L4 and L5
And of th C7 with S1 sicitaca pain after I did a 5k run I could not feel my entire left leg and my back was swollen and I was in complete severe pain

I went ahead with the worst and got the fusion of the L4/L5
Almost 1 year and a half ago. Nothing has been done to the C7 nor the L5
S1 . I’m told my dr that I have had severe post pain in my lower back
Can’t sit but 30 mins at a time not lay and left leg still week and severely pain , my C7 is getting worse and going down upper back and down right arm . Dr says hardware is in normal position and fusion took like a charm

He put me in Physical therapy and water therapy and it all made my pain worse .

So he sent me to a painmeagement and it took 3 months to get in
I’m sick of taking all the pain meds , I think it’s the pins that are causing me pain, nothing is working, I think I may need to look into maybe a pain stimulatior or pump . And ask maybe if the pins my need to be removed or replaced.

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