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New here and need help.

Started by Kalasmom3 on 03/15/2019 6:38pm

Hi, my name is Heather and I'm new. I've been experiencing neck and back pain for years but in November of 2016 I fell flat on my back and had a seizure and hurt my thoracic spine. I have the results of my MRI that wasn't done until 1 year later due to insurance reasons. I don't understand any of it and no one has explained it to me. I'm hoping someone might be able to help so that I can get some help. I'm not on any pain medication and cannot take NSAIDS due to chronic kidney disease and a peptic ulcer.
So here's what the MRI says.

There is anterior wedging identified within the upper thoracic spine at level of T3, T4, and T5 worse at T5 with loss of height of 50% at T5. There is anterior wedging at T9 with loss of height of 15-20%. These findings are all chronic. There is Schmorl's nose formation more so at T4 and T10-11.

The neural foramina are patent in the upper and mid thoracic spine. Thete is posterior ligament hypertrophy at t4-5 identified.

The tranaxial images demonstrate no cord compression. There is no canal stenosis identified.

At T6-7 there is a focal central disc herniation without canal stenosis identified.

At T10-11 there is disc bulge diffusely which indents the thecal sac with mild canal stenosis and facet hypertrophy identified.

Thoracic spondylosis with scoliotic curvature identified.

I just turned 48 in January and this MRI was done 11/03/2017. I have pain nearly always primarily in the mid spine with muscle spasms on either side of my spine. (Thoracic area). I also have a herniated disc at C3-4 and bulging discs at C6-7 and L4-5 S1. Those were from a bad car accident in 2013. To add to all that I have mild scoliosis, osteophyes, and degenerative disc disease. I desperately need direction as I'm in constant pain in one place or another. After the fall/seizure I started having major problems with my body temperature. Either I feel hot and burning skin like a sunburn or I'm freezing to the bone. Sometimes both at the same time and I do not perspire so my body doesn't know how to cool off. My temperature is always at 97.9 or as low at 95.0 If ANYONE has a suggestion or can relate or offer advice I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you! I forgot to mention that I have had trigger point injections, facet injections, and has tried PT none of which helped. In 2013 I was on a couple different really strong pain meds which helped but I became dependent and got off.

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