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5 1/2 Week Post Anterior Lumbar Fusiom

Started by Backtoback on 03/15/2019 1:03pm

I am 5 1/2 post anterior lumbar fusion and my pain level increases every day, especially when I ride in the car to run errands. I always wear my brace when I am in the car and walking around. I know I am doing a little more each day, because I hurt if I sit down or move around. How long does it take before I can live my life again? And any tips on how to lay when you sleep without waking up in pain?

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I am 11 weeks out of surgery, L4 & 5 fusion. I expect the result to be 100% successful, but when?? I am in almost continuous discomfort. I took oxycodone (5 mg) up to 5 and 1/2 hours apart--never got to 6--then last week was switched to tramadol every 8 hours. (Tylenol as needed.) The tram keeps me out of severe pain, but gives me no "ease."
Since the surgery, I cannot stand to have anything against my back. I sleep sitting up most of the time, keep ice behind, but not touching. I can stand about 45 minutes lying on each side. Sitting up and occasionally lying on my back only with a "noodle" pillow (amazon). It's a 24" "tube" shape, very flexible. I make a horseshoe shape to hold me from whatever is back of me. Actually I have 4 small pillows I use in different ways. Pain/discomfort is now concentrated below my tailbone, across my bottom. Feels numb and on fire at the same time, Lidocaine patches don't do much. My doc's PA keeps in touch every week; she helps decide on meds and encourages me, says I'm doing great, everyone is different. I'm tired and frustrated, so I hear you.


I am sorry you are still hurting. I am like you, I live on pain pills, nerve meds and muscle relaxers. My doctor says it just takes time and its not like other types of surgery where you can push through it. I am still not even released to drive. Now despite the fact that. I know I should not with the meds I am on and the damage I could do, I really miss that freedom. My doctor went the conservative route and I inly have screws, which takes even longer to heal. Hang tight, I hope we both will be pain free soon.