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Almost 34 and tired of the constant pain.

Started by Agustajacoba on 03/11/2019 10:41am

I just got my new MRI results today after having my Spinal cord stimulator removed about 6 months ago and need help understand what it has to say. My pain never goes away and some days it stays at a 10 but I just never stop working so I can redirect my focus past the pain but I am starting to get very tired and it’s getting harder and harder to focus past the pain. But to give you an idea of what I have done on my journey to try and correct the issue with my spine; I will start at my current age 33 to age 22 when it all started.
1. Removed spinal cord stimulator, revision and implantion. It never worked and caused more pain from the implant and my body movement since I am very active. I am small framed and am fairly thin so I could manipulate the lead currents by my own body movements. Horrible experience for me. Age: 32-33 After this tried acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage therapy and physical therapy. I have an amazing career and I will try anything to get relief. None of these treatments worked.
2. Exploratory surgery L4-L5 to remove scar tissue and a piece of disc floating around. Age:25
3. Fusion of L-4- L5 Age:24
4. Discectomy L-4- L5 Age: 23
5. Laminectomy L-4- L5 Age: 22
I have not been in an accident and have been told it’s genetic .

Comparison: October 1, 2015

FINDINGS: Examination is somewhat motion limited but grossly

Lumbar alignment is normal. Stable intact appearing L4-5 decompression
and fusion. Upper lumbar levels remain normal. Mild disc degeneration
junctional L5-S1 level. Marrow signal is normal. No pathologic
enhancement. Conus normal.

Axial images show normal findings over the upper levels.

At the fused L4-5 level, central canal and neuroforamina remain
grossly patent. There again appears be some chronic scar tissue in the
right neural foramen at this level post foraminotomy.

L5-S1, mild annular bulging without stenosis or neural impingement.

IMPRESSION: Continued stable postoperative lumbar spine. No new areas
of spinal stenosis or neural impingement appreciated.

2015 MRI
The lumbar spine is normal in sagittal alignment. The cauda equina
and conus medullaris appear normal and no intradural disease is
present. Posterior fusion hardware is seen at the L4-L5 level. STIR
images are unremarkable. The paraspinal tissues appear normal.

Postcontrast images show no sites of abnormal enhancement.

L1-L2: Normal.

L2-L3: Normal.

L3-L4: Normal.

L4-L5: The spinal canal and neural foramina are widely patent.

L5-S1: Right laminectomy changes appear to be present. The spinal
canal and neural foramina appear widely patent.

1. Previous fusion with hardware at L4-L5.
2. Largely unremarkable study. No sites of neural impingement or
inflammatory response are appreciated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! All of the doctors I have seen just tell me their is nothing they can do and to just learn to live with it. Unfortunately I am not giving up; there has to be something I haven’t tired or something that can reduce the pain surgically or non surgically. My deepest appreciation!

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Im sorry to hear the problems your having. It sound exactly like my situation. I’m about to lose my mind! Maybe we can find someone that can help us both!
I am researching hard right now because I’m so sick and tired..... My email is tony@mcguireplg.com