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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Pain management.


Started by Bec1809 on 03/05/2019 12:10pm

Hi, I’ve recently just been offered SCS for my Complext Regional Pain Syndrome In my right arm. I’ve had a lot of bother for a while and struggled with a lot of daily tasks.
I haven’t been told much about it however the process is been started shortly. I’m due to go for an MRI scan to start the process in the next month or so.
I just wondered what sorts of experiences other people have had with the spinal cord stimulator as I don’t know what to expect. I’m only 18 so I’m slightly nervous and don’t know how much of a change this will have on my life. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Everyone that I know that have gotten a SCS praise it. I got one 11/30/2018 and it was working really well with 50% pain relief until my paddle lead shifted to the right so far that they can't make it work on the left side of my body. I got this instead of bilateral si joint fusions. I go next week to see what their plan is to fix this. The ex rays clearly show it out of place. I had already had 3 spine surgeries including double fusions. I'd think you will be fine if you have a really experienced surgeon that will be doing your surgery and you follow the instructions they give you. Best of luck.


I am trying a product from a company called Nevro. The trial Isn’t fun as the leads stick out of your back. Cool thing with nervo is the frequency (times it turns on and off) is so high you don’t even feel it.
You feel the trial though!