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Pain that is not even relieved with pain meds and muscle relaxers

Started by krunyon on 02/17/2019 3:19pm

I had posterior cervical laminectomy with fusion and plate C3 to C6 (I think) not quite 6 weeks ago and the only time I have been pain free has been about the first 5 minutes after I get up in the morning for the past week or so. I am taking hydrocodone, Zanaflex or Flexeril, meloxicam and even with that I still cannot get any relief from the pain. It has settled more in my shoulders and shoulder blades but it is at least 3/10 if I am sitting doing nothing and ratchets up to 7/10 as soon as I start moving around. I have tried heat, lidocaine cream, Tylenol in between the other meds and still very little relief. Surgeon says it is tight muscles but I am at a total loss on what to do to help it. This is 10 times worse than anything I had before the surgery. Anyone gone through anything similar and is it normal for there to be this much pain this far after surgery.? I had a CT with contrast two weeks after the surgery because of arm pain and numbness which showed everything in place.

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I noticed no responses here. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. May I ask how long you were taking pain medicine before the surgery, if any? If you were, it may have increased your tolerance and post surgery is, obviously, very painful. I was taking 2 250 mg of Percocet every 2 hours for at least a month after my fusion surgery. 5 years later I had hip surgery, then 3 years later the other hip and that tast surgery I was kept an extra night because my tolerance is now so high for pain medicine. If they can’t find anything wrong that may be the issue.


I've had 2 cervical spinal surgeries. What they are giving you for pain is ridiculous. At least in my experience. I've been on every drug known to man. After surgery I was given Percocet & Soma. I too had intense pain in my shoulder blades after surgery. You need a good strong muscle relaxer. Tell them the meds aren't working. It took me approximately a year to fully recover from surgery. But the pain was a constant. And still is. The arm pain & numbness you have is a result of nerve damage. It may be permanent. Mine is. If there is nerve impingement for a long period of time that is what happens. Pain after surgery is intense! I would demand stronger meds. Today! You should not have to suffer.


I'm so sorry to hear you're suffering. I hope you found some relief by now! I have a whole shopping list of diagnoses. But to get to the point: find the best pain management team you can. Mine has worked with me over time to find a cocktail that keeps the pain to a dull roar in between flares. Today's mix includes: long-acting opiate - Nucynta (long-acting Rx is very important!!!), short-acting opiate-oxycodone for breakthrough, nerve pain - Gabapentin, muscle relaxer- tizanidine, antidepressant-Effexor, topical patch - lidoderm. + NSAID - OTC. We add oral steroids for flare, no more epidurals for me since diagnosed with arachnoiditis. Oh, and I'm waiting to have a spinal cord stimulator implanted. The trial was AMAZING..

Also helpfu for mel: acupuncture, ice packs, physical therapy, water aerobics and meditation. Be kind to yourself as much as you can. I wish you and all of us the best of luck.