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Still in pain after surgery

Started by Tricia Cooney on 02/14/2019 4:39pm

I had decompression with fusion C6/7 in 2013 as I was having numbness, pins and needles in both hands. Pain in both shoulders + neck pain. Since my op, pins & needles & numbness have gone but the pain in my shoulders & neck have gotten worse + my whole body aches & I feel constantly weak & tired. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Has this happened to anyone else . I recently visited a chiropractor who said there is no such thing as Fibro, he said my body is out of alignment ! I have signed up to a course of treatment, watch this space.

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Hi Tricia, I feel your pain, I had ACDF in C 5/6 and C 6/7 in July 2017 and for the first 4 months felt pretty good, since then I have constant pain in my neck going through both shoulders and down my arms into my hands and fingers I can also have pain travel down from my neck to my middle back and into my rib cage.. I dont feel weak but I am constantly tired which I put down to the meds that they have me on (which is Lyrica, Endep, Zaldiar, Prodine Forte and Valium)
I have had to now give up work and basically the doctors tell me there is nothing else that can be done, I personally would never go to a chiropractor due to the fusions that I have had and I have spoke to one recently who said they would probably not touch me anyway. I hope you find some help and would be interested at how your treatment turns out, Good Luck, I would also like to hear from other people who are having these troubles.


I have also had surgery on my neck...my surgeon said I should never go to chiropractor. In my opinion they can cause more harm than good....if they can help, then why are they not set up in hospitals?

I am still recovering but I would be leery of someone messing with spinal cord like that after having surgery.


Hi everyone I was currently going to choirpractior and I was getting my neck cracked I currently have a neck disc buldge which is squashing my nerves in my C5 and 6 I wish I never went to the choir practice and let her crack my neck she made my disc bulge pop out worse and now I need surgery to fix it they do more damage than good