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Question about spinal surgery

Started by Ninigood46 on 01/06/2019 4:54pm

My Mother has posterior spinal surgery about 3 weeks ago. She has had back problems her whole life, fibromyalgia, disc issues, stenosis, to name a few. She had T4-T5 done. She was in excruciating pain following surgery and was in rehab. While in rehab, she began to develop itching, swelling, burning and tingling in both her hands and sometimes wrists. It’s unbearable- worse than the back pain. She had arthritis before the surgery, but NOTHING like this. Has anyone experienced this before?? I’m very concerned, and don’t know if this is permanent nerve damage. She is 74 and we did this surgery so she would be a little less honebound—-any advice- recommendations - options are greatly appreciated
Thanks so much!

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Hi NiNigood,
I have had two spinal surgeries and with both I’ve had some numbness and tingling in various related body parts... thighs, foot-ankle, groin. My doc describes these as nerve bruising from the surgery that should clear up. They have to move so much around in a small space to work on spinal issues it makes sense to me. Additionally, post operative swelling can create similar problems. My doc has said it can take 4-6 weeks for these nerves to heal and the sensations-pain to recede. My doc has suggested I keep icing my back to help. The only other thing that has come up, since you mention itching, is an allergic reaction. I have reactions to some of the muscle relaxers. After both surgeries I developed a rash with blisters, burning and itching, so you might have that checked. Good Luck to your Mom!