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Radio Frequency Ablation

Started by Lee87bones on 12/27/2018 8:30am

Intro, im 31 yrs i injured my back lifting something heavy at work in feb 2016. Lower back 3 bulge disks with tears, bottom disk just touching the nerve, which occasionally gives me sciatic shooting pain in my right leg. I have came along way since then with physio exercise gym and loads of pain meds, 5 quarterzone injections with only 2 that worked, no surgery, is not a good idea.
Still suffering with cronic pain, currently on pelxia 50mg as needed. Seen a pain Specialist in October he suggested Radio Frequency Ablation had the quarterzone injections in bottom 3 facet joints on right hand side, i felt great for 3weeks pretty much pain free.
Then the pain came back so they now new the procedure would work on the 21st dec 2018 i had the procedure done Radio Frequency Ablation right side bottom 3 nerves burnt off. I was put under for this procedure and was done by xray. Was told i will experience pain for the next couple of weeks in that area, they weren't wrong there the pain is more intence, but now im a bit worried as im slso getting pain and numbness from my lower back around my butt and down to my right knee.

My big question is, have i done the right thing? And is the numbness and pain comon??

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Hi, Lee--thanks for sending your question about radiofrequency ablation (RFA). It's true that pain in the treatment area often sticks around for a few weeks after your procedure. We have a good overview of RFA here that you may be interested in reading: ( Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment for Neck, Back and Sacroiliac Pain ).

If you've developed new nerve pain, we recommend you talk to your doctor. It could be totally expected and nothing to worry about, but your doctor may recommend or prescribe a treatment (such as a medication to ease nerve pain) that will help as your nerves adjust to the RFA treatment.

We hope this information is helpful, and we hope you start feeling the benefits of RFA soon!