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Knee Problems

Started by Jazzypeach on 11/24/2018 1:14pm

Last November 2017 my dog pulled me down & I fell on my right knee. I was in so much pain, my doctor who treated me for pain due to 3 neck surgeries and a back surgery took an X-ray, gave me a steroid injection and that was it. It did not get better so they ordered an MRI which showed that there was a Meniscus tear. I was referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon that said he could preform a repair but should have a Knee Replacement due to a lot of arthritis. I went with the tear repair, which made me much worse. I have had fluid removed because the swelling is so painful. I have tried the 80mg Monovisc Injection which did not help. That was $400 out of pocket for a $1200 injection, which is Hylurnic Acid which did not work. The surgeon will not see me anymore unless I want the knee replacement. I have seen another doctor in his office that is willing to try the OrthroVisc which is 4 to 5 injections one a week for 4 weeks. Has anyone tried the OrthroVisc Injections and did they get good results? I am trying to hold off on a knee replacement until I get my SS next year as my medical expenses are so high even with insurance but can hardly walk I am in so much pain. Thank you for your input.

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