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c2/7 scoliosis,stenosis,disc bulge, disc protrusion,joint degeneration and narrowing. Problems also carry into thoracic spine.

Started by Ausshane on 11/08/2018 9:40am

Hi Im a 38year old male Sydney Australia. I have been a plasterer since 17. I have had for at least 10years pins needles that run frun from lower neck through right shoulder and all the way down to right index finger and thumb. I have always thought of the pain as something every plasterer has so I've always persisted through the pain. That was until a few months ago the pain became unbearable and a hindrance to my job. So I decided to go to The doctor who sent me for scans. I'm sort of wishing I never did go to the doctor as now all I know is that I got all these things wrong with my neck that in short I don't understand nor can I find anything anywhere that will give me a rough indication off how bad my neck is on a scale out of 1-10 with 10 being the most severe. I do have the Doctors reports from the scans I had put cannot find anyway of uploading it. So since in finding out all of this I was given apo-meloxicam which I stopped taking after 5 days as I've never been a fan of meds and i also found they have no effect at all. If anybody can offer to shed me some light on my scheuermanns disease and If plastering is something I should still be doing 50 hours a week without my head falling off my neck. If someone is willing I will write up the doctors report of my cervical and thoracic spine. Thanks for reading

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Hi, Ausshane--thanks for sharing your story with us. While we aren't doctors and can't shed any light on your particular case of Scheuermann's disease, we do have some information on this topic that we can share:

( Scheuermann's Kyphosis (Scheuermann's Disease): Abnormal Curvature of the Spine ): This article is a good overview of the disorder

( Scheuermann's Kyphosis: Non-Operative and Surgical Treatment ): This article provides a list of the most common treatments for Scheuermann's

( Scheuermann's Kyphosis: When Surgery is Needed ): This article offers some good advice as it relates to surgery for the condition

Lastly, you pose a great question about how your work might exacerbate the spinal pain you're experiencing. Over time, engaging in hard, physical labor can certainly cause spinal problems or worsen the ones you already have. Our best advice is to talk to your doctor about the affect your work has on your back, and what his or her recommendation is for continuing it.

Ausshane, we know this doesn't answer all your questions, but we hope this information provides more information about Scheuermann's disease and gives you some ideas of the treatments that may help. We wish you the very best!