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21 and in pain

Started by Siobhanmariem on 11/02/2018 11:26pm

Hi im 21 years old and recently went to the orthopedic which had turned out to be a pain management doctor... little 411 when i was younger my mom was told i had to be careful of falling because i have a terthed spinal cord... now i have a herniated disc, nerve damage its the l4- s1 or 5 i can basically tell you its in my spine and causes pain in my lower back (right leg) behind my thigh, ankle, foot and some times behind my knee cap. Ive tried everything according to the doctors and nothing has helped i was offered a cortisone shot and im actaully really scared it wont work or it will and ill end up getting used to the shot and then it will no longer work. I cant do much of anything anymore i have adhd so my mind is always racing and my body used to be able to keep up with it but not anymore, its hard because now it takes me so long to just get comfortable for bed.. On good nights i dont need the pillow to elavate my leg. I currently am using a back brace and it does help some but i still feel the pain when i walk, when i have to stand up, drive or even sleep on my side. Ive been taking Meloxicam and its not too bad but i cant take ibuprofen with it so im taking alot of tylenol which i found out can be dangerous and doesnt do much for the pain but i notice the pain if i dont take the tylenol. THE whole reason of my post is to ask what can help me move better get back to the gym, put on my socks, get dressed, drive my car, walk without a limp learn how to deal with the pain?

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