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Chronic Arm Pain

Started by Mary 68ke on 10/26/2018 6:40pm

I have had chronic arm pain for 25 years . It was found that I had a herniated disk between my C5 &c 6 vertebrae. I had cervical fusion surgery in 2014. I have Allodynia in both my arms and it continues to this day. I have severe right arm pain always down to my hand. My arm even swells. My neurologist thinks I have failed cervical spine syndrome. It has been extremely tough to work my job and do most anything else with this pain. I have even made mistakes at work which were brought to the attention of my director, Simply because it's hard to concentrate when you're in so much pain. Does anybody or has anybody experienced anything similar to this?

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I have most recently had horrible right arm pain which runs into my hand and into my middle finger. It feels like a huge knot on my outer bicep, I know I have Degenitive Disc Disease and Degenerative Joint Disease, muti leveled. I used to get injections in my neck but they didn't always help. I had to have L4/L5 Fused because of stenosis, degenerative changes, etc...., decompressed, rods and screws placed. I had that done last august, I am always in pain. Then I just learned that the area above and below surgery is progressively worse.


I had right arm pain and paralysisf or many years, i worked through it, it is very hard to work. Every doctor i saw said i was drug seeking and needed mental health help. very frustrating, never once received anything in the form of treatment, even after asking for MRI hundreds of times. Finally a younger doctor in ER ordered and MRI had surgery it helped for a few years now all the pain is back but its on my left side. Same as before, breathing hurts in my ribs, arm pain numbness, shooting electrical pains, but the thing that i really hate is the headaches, they are so bad sometimes i throw up. They never want to give out pain medication even for severe pain like myself, i don't know the answer, ive tried every over the counter relief you can think of, as well as eating marijuana that somewhat helped. Its very discouraging without the support and i find employers don't seem to understand because you look fine when they look at you, unless they have had back issues the can be not much help.