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L2/3 Fusion

Started by dldawson on 10/26/2018 4:50pm

Hi everyone. Hope this post doesn’t get too long. Had Laminectomy at L3,4 and 5 in 2002. Had discectomy at L5 in July 2011 that had a complication of a hematoma in the spinal cord and ruptured disc. This required a revision discectomy with cleaning out the hematoma and again awoke with another ruptured disc. The surgeon said there wasn’t enough disc left for any further discectomy and I would require a fusion.. I had partial paralysis in the left leg that over the course of 7 months was resolved with intense physical therapy and walking each day with my walker.
Had fusion of L3, 4, 5, and S1 in March 2012. That surgery took al ost 2 years to fully recover from. Then had a fusion at C4, 5, and 6 in Aug 2014. My husband then had a massive stroke and I tried to take care of him at home for 2 1/2 years. He was 6’ 4”. The lifting and moving of him took a toll on my back and I ruptured the disc at L2 in 2015. Have done acupuncture, massage and exercise to deal with the pain. The surgeons (an ortho and a Nuevo) have both recommended another fusion at L2. They said the diseased disc and the severe stenosis in pinching all the nerves.
Has anyone had an L2 fusion and had other fusions in the lower levels? Looking for anyone’s experience with this. Just don’t want to end up having fusions creep up the spine until it’s all fused.


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