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C4,5 replacement and c6 fusion with right arm bicep issues

Started by Swisher1112 on 10/23/2018 11:10pm

In January 2011 I had c4 and c5 replaced and fusion. I had neck, right shoulder blade pain and could not use my right arm. After the surgery I lost the severe nerve pain,but still had neck pain. I got the use of the arm back after a year and a few months. Three years later I had to have c6 replaced and fusion. I have severe neck pain all the time and have uncontrollably right arm bicep spasms. I can't bend my right arm to pop a bicep without the bicep and shoulder locking up like a severe Charley horse! I can't find a doctor that knows why my arm is that way! Anyone have this problem, and if so could you fill me in? Thank you, and this spine crap sucks!! I am so tired of suffering!

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