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Fused C3-C7 pain is back

Started by KristinC81 on 10/23/2018 1:42pm

Hello, I am a 37 year old woman who had a cervical fuse 4 years ago due to a swan neck deformity and bone spurs. I have been have issues again for the last two years pain in my arms again and neck. Had a ct scan done and discovered compression at 5/6 due to a bone spur. Not to mention that throughout my fusion there are more bone spurs popping up. My heads feel cold a lot and my arms burn and are weak on both sides. I see a spinal disorder disease doctor, the first time I seen him at the beginning of the year he said do not let anyone what so ever operate on your next due to the fact it will cause more problems in the long run. Went back a month ago he ordered a CT and ordered a MRI. Insurance is putting up a fight for the mri but we did the CT which showed the compression on 5/6. Doctor wants the mri to decide what are next step will be. Not only do I have the arm pain but also the base of my neck and head hurt and gives me bad pains in my head. Not sure what to do but I know I don’t feel right and it worries me. Any advice will help thank you

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