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Nerve root block l5 s1

Started by Cazza21 on 10/22/2018 3:34pm

I have been dealing with chronic pain in my lower back and shooting down my left leg for over 7 months. All the other symptoms of numbness, pins and needles and weakness too. This all began March this year with leg pain. I’m normally a very active and healthy individual and there was no trigger to me having the pain. Anyway after being hospitalised due to not being able to move then not being able to pass urine or any bowel movement, I had an MRI showing a Lumbar disc prolapse l5 s1. After having numerous visits to physio I ended up having a microdisectomy then 2 weeks post surgery I ended up with another prolapse, ended having more surgery which has left me worse off. I am now 3 months post op after second op and having another MRI it shows there is still a bulge with disc residual, inflammation and a really swollen nerve with the likelihood the nerve now being damaged. I am currently on 2700 mg Gabapentin, cocodamel, amytriplyine and morphine, on a daily basis. This has taken over my life and I can’t work due to pain and effects of medication. I had my first nerve root block today . I was sedated for procedure but still found this extremely uncomfortable and painful. They are hopeful this will help ease pain and working along side with my physio will hopefully reduce inflammation until they decide what next steps are. I’m thinking fusion surgery but my surgeon is reluctant for me to go down this route . I’m going to seek a second option as I’m at my wits end and all the medication is just masking the problem. Has anyone been in a similar situation and could maybe offer me some advice. Any would be helpful and really appreciated.. thank you

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