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Thoracic Disc Protrusion T6/7 compressing cord and Perineural Cyst T10/11

Started by Caro on 10/17/2018 11:47pm

I have had a Thoracic T6/7 disc protrusion for about 11 years which has got bigger over the years. It is compressing my spinal cord and has been causing symptoms over the last 2 years. I have pain behind the sternum at T6/7 level and at times pain wrapping around my ribs. I have had chest wall pain which was excruciating. I have a sensation of tightness around my chest and in my back. I have an annoying pulsating feeling where the protrusion is too. All these feelings are made worse by using my arms or lifting. I don't lift anything over 5 kgs.

I find this all really debilitating and had to leave a job I loved 2 years ago. I also have a perinueral cyst at T10/11. These two things are tethering my spinal cord.

I have a protruding disc at c5/6 in my neck as well. My neck has very limited movement and feels like it is being pushed forward. I have head forward posture which I cannot help. My neck is very uncomfortable. These unpleasant feelings in my neck have only started in the last 8 months. My neck has bad arthritis in it as well.

I saw a neurosurgeon that said the surgery to fuse the thoracic disc protrusion is very big and may not help. The surgery could produce other pains. He said the operation had an 18 month recovery period too.

I find all of this so depressing and scary. I wonder about my future. I don't know anyone else with this type of problem. Apparently, it is not very common.

I am wondering if anyone out there has anything like my symptoms and problems? If so, what are you doing? How are you coping? I am eager to ear from anyone as I feel alone with these symptoms. I realise thoracic disc problems are difficult.

I live in Sydney, Australia. Can anyone help?
Thank you.

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I had a herniated disc at T6 and I had some kind of cyst from T6 to T8. It was causing total numbness in my thighs and groin areas when sitting still for about 30 minutes. I had a broken rib a year earlier that never seemed to heal so that could of been why. They went in from my back and tore out the bones, spinal process I think, and did a laminectomy and removed the cyst that was wrapped around my spinal cord inside the spinal canal. I was able to go home the next day. Feb 11th 2016. Oct 3 2017 fusion L4-L5-S1. The 30th of this month I'm getting the spinal cord stimulator trial because the injections didn't help my si joints nor did the numbing injections. Don't let them go through the front of your body to repair your thoracic issues if possible. Good luck.


Thank you for your response Jimmy Boy. It is interesting you had an operation through the back on your thoracic spine. The neurosurgeon I saw would only do an operation through the front. Did you have anything done to the herniated disc t6 in your thoracic spine. I understand you had the cyst operated on. Was the herniated disc compressing your spinal cord? Do you still have very much pain? I am guessing you do. I hope the spinal stimulator helps.

Thank you Caro


That surgery was very successful. The surgeon wanted to do the Thoracic surgery first because he was afraid I may have issues with my bladder. He trimmed some of the disc away from the nerve. There wasn't a need for a fusion on my T6-7. I had mine done at Mercy Hospital Springfield, Missouri USA. Dr S. Lee.


I left out the fact that I do still have muscle spasms left side upper back but this could be due to my posture.