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Foot drop

Started by servicedog on 10/07/2018 4:23pm

After my surgery in 2011, I had permanent foot drop on left side. Also small fiber neuropathy in both legs and feet. So very painful. Already had a neurostimulator put in. really did work to a point. My feet hurt so much at times I can hardly walk! I am getting a DRG put in in two weeks. Can hardly wait to go through the airport security now!

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I'm having the SCS trial Tuesday. They are going to try to stop the low back and hip pain from the si joints. I also have tarsal tunnel syndrome in both feet. My big toes also get to having the pins and needles feeling like they are sticking in the ends. Both are totally numb on the btm. I was hoping the SCS would help that pain too. I'm not as excited now if I only get 50% relief, could get more, on my low back and hips with no help for my feet. I'm not a diabetic. Fusion L4-5-s1 and T6-7-8 herniation and cyst removed. Good luck. I work a ankle fracture boot for 3 months and my foot drop was gone. Cheap fix.