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Spinal Fusion Surgery

Started by Tut32359 on 10/04/2018 12:32am

I just stumbled onto this website but wish I had found it years ago ! I injured by back at work on April 7 2011. I wasn’t going to claim WC, but was threatened a reprimand if I didn’t. And needless to say it has been pure hell since. The very first company Dr that I saw did nothing but give me Tramadol. He told me that I needed complete bed rest, but wasn’t allowed to order it and he would not give me any time off under any circumstances. I finally had a fusion surgery ( L4/L5) after all of the MRIs, X-rays, PT, several spinal shots, and the surgeon told me that he had to move my nerves around more than he wanted to., that they were all tangled up. I am under pain management and am still taking OxyContin, Norco and Lyrica. The pain medication only takes the edge off. The only time I’m not hurting is when I’m asleep and that’s not much. I have no reflex on my right heel and very little on my left. My feet hurt and burn so bad that I have to keep them out from under the cover s at night ,the weight of the blanket causes excruciating pain, I also wake up screaming from the pain in my hips and butt. The Dr is trying to get approval from WC for some kind of shot but it has been 4 months with no approval yet. I am at my wits end ! My children are very upset that I am taking the pain medication that I am on and the Dr is worried about it also. Any suggestions anyone ? Thanks to everyone that posted comments. I can relate to most of them. i wish I was in control instead of WC, I would see another orthopedic dr . Any advise on how to deal with WC ? It’s been a very long 7 years , 5 months and 23 days of awful pain.

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I just has a spinal fusion. On Aug 6 and it been a nightmare I feel worse then before and the paon was bad then ..i was hurt at Work also and had a spinal surgery before thw fusion that didnt work ...i was wondering about the ahot if u knew what it was called my surgeon wouldnt let me do the shots the before because I have a rapped scar growing and said it would be to pan ful for me ...bit if i could just get some sleep and little less pain i am all for it. I had the surgery and at 4 weeks they took all pain meds away and all muscle relaxers and they was hoping the surgery was gonna help ...my back hurts a million times worse and my left foot is numb and thays the only thing that change for the better was ot went from pin amd needles it complete numbneess...i feel you pain and pain u get relief soon


It sounds like you need to see a Neurosurgeon instead of a Orthopedic Dr. Your hip and butt pain sound like your Sacroiliac joints. It's common to have issues above or lower than where your fusion is. I have neuropathy that gives me the feet pain and I also don't want anything touching at least my big toes. I had a cyst removed at levels T6-T8 and a laminectomy at T6 for herniated disc, Then I had a fusion from L4-S1. I'm waiting for the date to do the trial on a spinal cord stimulator. I've been approved for it. Meds just take the edge off as you said. I've had a total of 27 steroid epidural injections with the latest being Si joint injections on both sides,3 each, and a Caudal injection. I only had 5 days relief with all of my injections except the Caudal. I had about 10 days relief across the lower back and both hips.That one really hurt. I spend at least 15 hours in bed a day. I hope this trial works so I can get the permanent one and get off of pain meds. 10 years is a long time on opioids. I had a total of 6 surgeries during that time. Best of luck to you.


I had L3-L4-L5 spinal fusion on August 13th 2018, it has be almost two months. I am in pain on the right side above the buttocks. when I move, i can feel a "click in that area. also I have the constant feeling like something is constricting my waist and stomach. this was present prior to surgery, but has gotten worse. Dr was saying this had to do with the narcotic meds(Oxycodone 5/, and Oxycodone 30) even though i have not taken any substantiall amount in over two weeks( one to two 5mg Oxycodone e.very other day) have bowel movement every day, or two at the latest. ( i take Colace every day).
Also had a 5 level Cervial fusion C2-C7 in February 2018. I still have numbness in my hands, which has gotten worse since the lumbar fusion. When i Straighten my legs in bed, i can feel some pain in my lower back, and I feel my hands go more numb. I have instances of the hands going from warm to very cold, also the numbness sometimes goes up my lower back to the top part of my back. I constantly get chills even when its warm in the house. does anyone else have any of these symptoms after either surgery


Hi everyone! I am 9 months postoperative 2-level fusion. L4-5 and L5-S1. I have been having lots of pain on my right side and into my glutes. Had a CT scan done and I got the results that say they are concerned about a loose screw at the right SI. I see the doc tomorrow, but I have been so worried about the treatment for that. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to have surgery again. Has anyone else had this?



You should go see your doc. Especially if the pain is that bad and has worsened and not surgery pain. The chills scares me and makes me think of infection. I would go get checked. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Tut,

I am sorry that you are in this position; I really am. I am pretty sure that you are entitled to a lawyer here. I would talk to a personal injury attorney and ask if they deal with WC cases; most WC lawyers do. I am almost sure they will take your case, and also get you compensation for the injury (which you deserve). The lawyer should be able to get you another Doctor of your choosing to get another/second opinion!! That should get things moving more quickly and you will have an advocate.

As far as having surgery.... I am kind of in the same boat. I had the laminectomy and fusion of L5-S1 and it failed. SO, I am back where I started with the same pain from the herniated discs. I have gone through much of what you have and I am thinking about a trial of the spinal stimulator. This can be done by your Pain Management Doctor. Also, have you tried any muscle relaxers, such as Robaxin, etc.? That may help and it will make you sleepy; which might help that too! It can be taken up to 4x a day.

I am sure that you know this, but just make sure that you do not accept any CONTROLLED MEDICATIONS (percocet, oxycontin, etc.) from another Doctor unless you notify your current Pain Mgmt, Doctor first!

I hope this helps!!