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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Pain management.

Boston Scientific Presion Plus Stimulator with Generator in pace maker bag located in my upper right breast

Started by Sumterdoll on 09/29/2018 11:53pm

I have had 28 surgeries, due to an injury at work in 1997. I am one of few that have my generator removed from my upper right back side due to generator kept flipping. It is now in a pace maker bag and located in my upper right breast.
It lays down very flat and allows me to recharge very easy. The problem is my medication has greatly increased due to
some damage when the generator was removed and the rewiring was done on my spinal cord. Nerves were cut and many were severed. Now when I sit down I have a great deal of trouble rising from a sitting position. I have had to return back to the use of my arm crutches which make me feel like I am going backwards instead of forwards with my medical treatment. My legs are in so much pain I wish I could have them removed. The surgeon that moved my generator is only interested in the all mighty dollar and is more concerned in getting his money from workers comp.
( I have workers comp for life, which is a death sentence in itself!) rather than correcting the problem he caused.
My workers comp doctors hands are tied because of workers comp. I have requested help from the stimulator company
but have received very little help from them. If I had to do this all over again, NO, I would not have done it!
I was originally diagnosed with CRPS due to nerve damage to my right ankle and after several more surgeries manifested over into the left side of my body also. What works for some will not work for all, read as much information as you can and ask a lot of questions. It is your body and unless you have workers comp you still have a right to choose!

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