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Shoulder Pain-Disc Replacement/Mobi C

Started by Pannonica88 on 09/15/2018 9:31am

Hi, I am 7 weeks out of cervical disc replacement surgery where a Mobi C was used in the replacement (one level at C4 C5). I am dealing with an incredible amount of shoulder pain on one side which was not present prior to surgery. Often I am woken up from sleep due to severe pulsating shoulder pain. Has anyone else experienced this? If so were you able to find any relief? On the same side of the shoulder I am also having a lot of the nerve issues I had prior to surgery would seem to fluctuate in their degree of intensity. These include itching hand, pulsing, pins and needles, sore skin, etc. Are there people who have experienced this after surgery and if so how long did it persist before it got better? Like many, I have been told that it could take up to a year for this issue to work itself out if in fact it does. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!

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