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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Herniated disc.

Herniated disc after colostomy surgery

Started by Niall on 09/06/2018 4:41pm

Hello everyone just after joining....I had 9 hour surgery for a colostomy on December 2017...as soon as I woke after surgery i had severe pain in both legs from the knees down into my feet....I even had an epidural in and wasn't doing anything for the pain...I was discharged from hospital after 3 weeks with crutches to help me walk....now 9 months later my legs have not got any better..i have severe pain in both feet and foot drop in my right foot... today I saw a Neuro surgeon who tested all my muscles and he said he is full sure I have a herniated disc in my spine that was caused during the surgery..i just want to know is this possible to suffer a herniated disk from maybe poor positioning during surgery....

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Hi, Niall--Thank you for your question. We can't say for sure whether you surgical positioning stressed your spine to the point of herniating a disc, but we can share information on the common causes of herniated discs: ( Causes of a Herniated Disc )

More than anything, herniated discs develop gradually and are caused by the wear and tear we put on our spines. This is typically a normal result of aging. If your disc did, in fact, herniate during your surgery, it likely had already started the degeneration process. There are 4 phases of disc herniation, and the article we linked discusses them.

Cause aside, we also encourage you to check out our herniated disc center: ( Herniated Disc: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment ) This link will connect you to a wealth of herniated disc content, including articles about possible treatments that may help reduce your leg pain.

We hope this information helps you, and we hope you get to the root cause of your pain soon!