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Neck fusion c4-c5

Started by Dude1381 on 08/12/2018 2:14pm

I had neck fusion c5-c6 five years ago, everything went fine, but this year I hada again neck fusion on c4-c5 on July of this year, but I being having a lot of pain that I didn’t have in my first fusion, I have a lot of headaches, felling really weak, and I noticed that I came out of the surgery whit a big bruise on my left arm, right by my upper shoulder and it hurts a lot, I asked the doctor and he said that maybe the bed pinched me, but after a month still hurting a lot, do you have an idea of what could it happen during surgery while I was asleep? And why I still have all this other symptoms after the surgery? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Dude1381--you pose an interesting question. We don't know what may have happened during your surgery, but the cause of your pain and symptoms should be investigated further. You can discuss this with your treating surgeon, or you may want to describe your experience to a different surgeon to get a second opinion. You can read more about getting a second opinion here: ( Second Opinions: Five Things About This Patient Right ).

We're sorry your second cervical surgery recovery has been challenging. We hope you get some answers--and relief--soon.