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After the fact

Started by Who do u trust on 07/29/2018 10:56am

I was told that my c4 c5 and c6 was ruptured. So i decide to have the epidural steriod injection. 30 mins. after the injection i could not move and i need to drive myself. I could not turn my neck and the pain was unbearable. My doctor then suggested that i have ACDF surgery. On November 29, 2016 i had the surgery and stayed over nifht and was released the next day. The first 24 hours i felt great. 6 weeks after i start to feel pain. Went back to the surgeon and he did an xray and said everything looks good. 1 month later same thing. Now i have neck pain muscle spasms pain in my left shoulder i get this warm sensation at the base of my neck. I have pain in my wrist and hand. I have suddenly developed trigger finger in my index finger which cause my finger to lock in a bent position.. I am completely lost and am in so much pain. Is any one felt these symptoms after their surgery? Not to mention the headaces i have been having.

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