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Back pain misery !!!

Started by jreames2008 on 07/25/2018 3:27pm

I feel what everyone is going thru. I had a double laminectomy at L2/3 and L3/4 with bone spurs removed. Major nerve damage and severe pain radiating down right leg is no walk in the park. As I look back the only way I would have allowed the surgery would be if I was gonna be confined to a wheelchair. After my surgery my Neuro Dr. said all went fine and a full recovery. But he told my wife a completely different story in that it was more worse than he thought.But everyone I get the same response from Pharmacists and my pain management Dr. is a little more understanding but in till there is a pain meter they can hook to you. I'm on Duragesic 100 mcg every 48 hors and roxicodone 15 , 3x daily. But the insurance companies try to control all because of the opioid epidemic. But its the anesthesiologist who created this mess ALL IN THE NAME AND FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY! If you look back the anesthetist from the 70's were only in operating rooms. But now their offices are at every corner. Who gave them this latitude are the same ones whom are trying to stop it. But as I read a few days ago the new head of the CDC has a vendetta. His son overdosed on Fentanyl with Heroin so its PERSONEL know and it will only get worse for those of us who have to live in chronic pain. I've tried going 3 days on my patches but start withdrawing at around 56 hours and my pain starts going thru the roof. Drs do not understand but I think there needs to be a major course for Drs for treating pain in there schooling. My primary told me this that he did not have the training. All Drs should have this curriculum on their training. To make a long story short as my wife and I raise our 7 year old grandson I try too hide it as much as possible but you can only disguise so much. He is aware of what we told him but a lot we keep from him just for his sake. But he prays for me every night and he is the only reason I haven't lost it!!! Maybe one day thing will change for the better but my last MRI in 2016 showed my lower back collapsing. Please pray !!

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