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Leg and foot pain after spinal fusion

Started by Mikel on 06/11/2018 11:20pm

From Sydney Australia
In 1979 I had an ice skating accident resulting in a herniated disc. After a discectomy I was fine until til 2014 when I experienced very severe sciatica which resulted in an S1-L4 fusion. No pain for a while but then a haematoma appeared at operation site requiring emergency surgery to remove it. This occurred on Good Friday and pain disappeared for a week or so but a new fusion S1-L3 was needed. Again no pain for about a month. Now for the past two years I have had extreme pain in my calf and foot. Right leg is worse but left leg also gives some pain.
I currently live on Paracetamol during the day with oxycodone at night.
I have recently heard about a procedure that blocks the nerve and stops the pain. Can anyone give me so help with understanding this procedure.
Warm Regards

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Hi, Mikel--thanks for your post. We're sorry to read about the leg pain you've experienced over the past few years. That can take a major toll on your quality of life.

You mention wanting to learn more about a procedure that relieves pain by blocking pain signals from nerves. Are you referring to radiofrequency ablation? You can read more about that procedure here: ( Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment for Neck, Back and Sacroiliac Pain )

If you're looking for information on nerve block spinal injections, we have that, too: ( Nerve Blocks: Medication Injections )

We hope this information is what you were looking for, Mikel. Hopefully one of these procedures helps deliver relief your way soon!