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L5 S1 6 mm Slippage Spondylolisthesis

Started by Lvanduisen98 on 06/02/2018 1:42am

Hi my name is laurin, i am 20 years old and this is what I've been through in the last 10 1/2 months. Around mid-july i had this sudden back pain after cleaning someones floor after a minor flood. I thought Maybe it was just muscle pain. After a few days it got worse and i bent down and i had this sharp pain on my tailbone and surrounding areas. I went to the walk in clinic and he came to the conclusion i just had a muslce spasm and gave me a couple hydros and muslce relaxers. I got better for a couple of weeks then i delcined quite fast. I decided to go to the doctor after several months (i hate doctor offices)and told her my problem and she did some in office tests like pushing on some areas on my back and asked me some questions. She sent my to PT without knowing what to treat and said the PT will figure it out. I started physical therapy and he "thought" i had like a bulging disc i believe. So i did 3 weeks of land therapy going twice a week and doing exercises at home to the best of my ability.was reevaluated and pool therapy opened up and since land therapy was really hard because of my pain i switched to that. I did better at aquatic therapy, I'm also considerd morbidly obese also so it was easier. Anyways after awhile i went back to land therapy amd my pain was just getting worse and worse...i was getting stronger but my pain got worse. I did a total of about 2 months of physival therapy and then i guess he thought i was better so i didn't get anymore sessions. Then i got sent to a orthopedic surgeon who didn't deal with back pain and they X-rayd my right hip and everything was fine. My pain was at a constant 5-7 in resting position if i was lucky. I cried at my orho appt out of pain and frustration cause at this point I've been in pain for around 6 months and he gave me some tramadol which helped but made me too tired. He then sent me to physiatry which was a god send! She X-rayd my back and found a pars defect at my L5S1 with 6mm slippage. I was happy that now after about 7 months i knew what was wrong. She ordered a MRI which took awhile for my insurance to approve it. I just got it done a week ago and waiting for a call. Through all of this i have tried everything my doctor has told me to try. I tried every muscle relaxer and anti inflammatory medication she could prescribe. I've done electrode therapy, ice and hot packs, all over the counter medications. I've prayed and prayed to god. All she will do for me is give me gabapentin and I'm currently on 1200 mg in the morning and evening and 900mg mid day. I have begged and pleaded to her asking if there is anything else she or i can do. Just recently i called her office and had the receptionist pass on a message, i was crying on the phone and said im in sooo much pain and said i need something and that i don't know what else to do. I also have started to get leg pain that wont go away.My quality of life is slim to none. Just 10 months ago in the summer i was hiking and going out with friends and after this pain started i gained 50 lb in 3 months. I dont eat the healthiest because i can't stand long enough to make something decent so alot of the time i eat shitty food or nothing at all. My mom also suffers from Spondylolisthesis and my aunts on her side have the same ailment. I can't work, go to college or have any fun. My day consists of waking up late, going to the bathroom laying back in bed for awhile then head downstairs. And pretty much sit on the couch everyday watching shows. I try to walk but i can't for more than 5 minutes. I also was diagnosed with depression about 7 years ago. And i always thought it was bad then, but now after all of this and being in pain my life before was a cake walk. I have done everything and just feel so alone, i am trapped in a body that seems useless with a mind that wants to conquer the world.

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Laurin - How did you make out with the MRI? I just had one today and it appears from the image that I have something similar. Just curious as to what the Dr suggested for your treatment. My ortho appt is next week. Hope you are feeling better!