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Genetic Testing for Pain Management

Started by LisaH on 05/27/2018 3:36pm

I'm new here and just wondering if anyone has heard of Genetic Testing for Pain Management. I have several Spinal Conditions, among others not Spine related, and have been trying to manage my pain with Pain Management for over ten years now. After various procedures and surgery I also live in pain daily as most here. Recently, a friends Nuerologist did a Genetic test prior to her Surgery to help find out what medication would work best for her, both In hospital post surgery and after hospitalization during recovery. I've found a few companies that you can order a test and based on your bodies Genetics it can tell doctors what medications your body will metabolize best. I've struggled for years with medications having no effect or enough to make pain tolerable but wears off in 2 to 3 hours. Most people would be drooling or knocked out, where as I'm left with some relief but for limited time and as normal as normal is when living in Pain. Lol! I'm facing more surgeries and left pretty much traumatized from waking up after my last couple in total hell and being told there's nothing they can do to help me more and dont understand how I'm not knocked out and still in pain. I know I need to have surgeries at some point or risking my life but I'm totally terrified of any more pain than I already deal with every day! The only true relief I get is when sleeping, until I wake up cause of pain of some sort. Lol! I showed my Pain Management PA the Genetic Test information and told he hadn't heard of and even if I did he didnt think the Doctor could do anything with the information and if he could not sure anything with the obstacles of Medicare or Laws. So of course I held back my tears cause Lord knows I dont want to raise any Redflags and lose the only little bit of help that offers some relief to make it tolerable to try to not spend my days sleeping for relief. I'm hoping someone else here has some experience, knowledge, advice, or anything that might help me before I spend the money to do test on my own. Luckily our amazing technology has made genetic testing financially possible for most and within reach with saving up to purchase if neccessary. Lol!

I appreciate any thoughts and look forward to hearing everything! Most of us that live with these issues struggle day to day and this Community of people I know are the strongest good hearted people that deserve better than the cards we've been dealt! I'm so Blessed and excited to if found this site. I hope I can contribute anything I can to help everyone too best I can! Ty again and never give up!

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IBI was offered this about 3 months ago and they just told me it was a genetic test but not for what reasons. So I just said no as I did not want to run up an outrage ous bill . But really I don't think it would help in any way.My 1st mps just tried various meds over a 3 month course and found the Duragesic and break- thru meds worked best. Oxyco tin lasted around 6 hours at best. So much for a 12 pill...lol