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4 Cervical Fusions - Still Issues

Started by wbwalsh on 03/15/2018 4:40pm

I've had 4 cervical fusions with the first in 2007 and the last February 2018. The first 3 were anterior and the last posterior from C3-T1. There was an issue with the posterior surgery where my bones were brittle and the screws would not stay in the bone. Also, the third operation consisted of a single "cage" on C3-C4 and is at an angle. I continue to have burning shoulder pain, seemingly muscle pain, in my right arm, tingling in my pinky finger and side of the hand. I don't appear to have any strength issues in my hand. My question is where do I go from here? I can't sit, stand or be in any other position for more than 30-45 minutes without feeling like my back and neck are "molded" in concrete and my shoulder, arm, and hand has the same pain issue.

I am new to SpineUniverse and would attach an image of my latest x-ray but can't seem to find an attachment function.

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Hi, wbwalsh--thank you for taking the time to post! We are so sorry to hear about the neck and upper body pain you are in. The impact this has on your quality of life must be enormous.

Before you had your fourth surgery, did you experience this level of pain? The reason we ask is we wonder if you're still in the recovery period for your most recent surgery. Oftentimes, the nerve pain you're describing (the tingling and burning) take longer to heal than muscle pain. Are you doing any physical therapy or rehabilitation?

We aren't medical professionals, so our best advice is to stay in close contact with your surgeon during the recovery period. If you're experiencing debilitating pain or new symptoms, don't wait until your scheduling follow ups to talk to your doctor. And if you feel you aren't being acknowledged by your doctor, you can always request a second opinion: ( Second Opinions: Five Things About This Patient Right ).

We hope this information is helpful, and wish you the very best. Please keep us posted on how you're doing.


Hi..I just had anterior neck surgery 4 months ago after having a serious car accident. I too am still having severe pain issues. Neck, upper back, shoulder and arm pain. Sleeping is a nightmare, even doing everyday things at home. I am worried that time will not improve it.
I had C5/C6 fusion using a cage. Also has anyone else had voice issues since this type of surgery? Mine is still scratchy..kind of horse.