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Pain clinic and workers comp

Started by DawnLea on 03/12/2018 1:30am

I am no this is the first discussion I’ve started I need feedback please I am a disabled Regular rural mail carrier. Not only am I in pain all the time but I was forced off at my job because I had the underlying condition Evelyn migraines and I was experiencing vertigo and loss of balance plus I was losing here and I was diagnosed with complex migraines or they can be considered complicated Migraines I actually had a TIA in February at 2016 and I had migraines I actually had a TIA in February at 2016 and I had a stroke December 29, 2016 stroke And it paralyzed my Ranstad and I was not able to recover into actually I guess you could say I am still recovering my pain clinic is being very rude it’s not a professional setting when you have a nurse assistance whatever they are on the phone screaming at people and you’ve had that person do it to you and this last time she said my pain medication was not right I went back in and take my pain medication with me I had to go see Psychiatrist because as I said I would rather be dead than be in pain all the time. And when I got to him and he saw my medication he say absolutely read Dick you less so I have my love appointment with my neurologist it’s an emergency appointment as well to go to the pain clinic attached to their clinic all of a sudden they can’t get the procedures And that they called said that they were getting A MRI set up OK I can’t get procedures because I get to now OK they’re not gonna approve an MRI they’ve already sent me paperwork saying they’re not I feel as if I have a broken patient relationship because I have that nurse that’s not like me and the girl that works with her she terrifies me so I was not given my pain medication script and I sure you I can take a picture and show you what I have left in the other bottles they are decreasing my medication and have been out the last four nights because they want to get rid of me I have nuropathy From this injury I have a throbbing on the bottom of my From this injury I have a throbbing on the bottom of my left foot in pain that Cause Me to cry and with the decrease of medication and now accusing me of abusing my pain pills that are not even strong enough for a child and my doctor told me that so I have to go back tomorrow please somebody right there give me something please to do however to get changed out of that pain clinic I feel like she treats me as if I am driving needles in my arms I had a post of career it’s gone I am disabled now , I don’t want to see you get home I don’t want to have Dash nobody knows the pain that I go through just like I don’t know how any of your pain I have their ears and I’m not going to tell you you’re not in pain and I don’t show signs or symptoms of a drug user never change times since I have been with him for 12 years I have not changed doctors and steal my pharmacist tag me I could get her appointment with my primary care physician I always had to go to urgent care so he said go to another family practitioner this Way everything in the computer is there and my doctors are notified of when There’s a change in medications with my bloodwork is and what my diagnosis is for going in at that time once again I am begging and send give me advice I don’t know what to do and I have to go down there tomorrow and I’m terrified even know I have a ton at pills where I have not taken an hour each night and I am scared of her and can you anyone please help me

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Talk to attorney. If Pain is to bad go to ER they have People in there will help you find a Pain clinic.Goodluck!